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Werner Wildfang of Transeuropa AB is a recognised Swedish State Authorised Translator, translating legal, technical and financial texts from Swedish, English and French into German, and providing interpreting services into German.

Werner Wildfang is authorised by the Swedish Judiciary Board as a certified translator, an authorisation which carries with it the entitlement to use the Judiciary Board's official stamp for translation from Swedish into German of documents such as judicial court verdicts, birth certificates, testimonials, school and university certificates, powers of attorney, insurance documents etc.

However, Transeuropa AB focuses primarily on the translation of technical and image-enhancing marketing texts for corporate clients - brochures, technical descriptions, press releases, catalogue texts, manuals - as well as financial and legal texts, such as annual reports, business letters and contracts.

What is a Swedish State Authorised Translator?
This is a protected title reserved exclusively for translators who have passed the extremely stringent tests set by the Swedish Judiciary Board.

An Authorised Translator offers high-quality translations, observes complete professional secrecy as stipulated by law, works in strict accordance with the ethics guiding the translation profession, applies the fees recommended by his professional association, FAT (the Federation of Authorised Translators), which is a collective member of Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs (FIT).
When is an Authorised Translator your best bet?

Companies wanting to establish a presence in a German-speaking country have to muster a whole host of paperwork which the customs and other authorities, insurance companies, banks, Chambers of Commerce and other parties will require. For this paperwork to be accepted as official documentation, it needs to be stamped with the official seal of an Authorised Translator. A translation agency which uses the first available translator for the job is not certified to stamp such documents.

Private individuals looking for employment, higher education courses etc. in a German-speaking country also need testimonials, birth certificates etc. translated into German. Here too, the only officially acceptable translation is one bearing the seal of an Authorised Translator.
Specialising in technical and financial texts - with guaranteed quality and responsibility

Transeuropa AB specialises in texts for the motor and transport industries, as well as for banks, accountants and other engineering and service companies. Since an Authorised Translator is bound by an absolute commitment to client confidentiality, it is not possible to name individual clients in this open forum. However, it is possible to say that several of Sweden's foremost and most successful exporters and government agencies have been using Transeuropa's services for a number of years.

Werner Wildfang received his formal training at the Technische Universität Braunschweig. After 7 years of university studies in Germany and Britain he took up a post as a university and senior high-school teacher in English. In Göteborg, Werner Wildfang was employed as a translator at Sweden's largest industrial corporation before he founded Transeuropa AB.

Translation and interpreting into German. Nothing else. Because Transeuropa only does what it does best.

Need a translation into Dutch? Want to print a four-colour brochure or do a professional layout job? Transeuropa AB will be more than happy to refer you to professionals in these specific fields. Because it is no part of Transeuropa's business philosophy to act as an agency and farm out work to others. All the work coming into Transeuropa AB is done within Transeuropa AB and nobody else is involved. As a client of Transeuropa AB, you always have direct access to your translator - and the result is courteous reception and quick and correct translation. Because Transeuropa only does what it does best!

Finally, the figures

Translations are charged per word in the source language. Transeuropa counts the number of words in the source text and submits a tender for the total assignment. Texts such as birth certificates, school and university certificates etc. are charged at a fixed price.

Transeuropa AB in a nutshell

Transeuropa AB
Werner Wildfang, Swedish State Authorised Translator
Box 136
421 22 Västra Frölunda
Cell: +46 708 29 29 28
E-mail: werner@transeuropa.se